El 25 de marzo fue publicado en Leader’s League una breve entrevista a Paula Fuentes (Managing Partner de F&B Consultores), en relación con su faceta como coach de profesionales del sector legal. Desde F&B Consultores, agradecemos al equipo de Leader’s League por el espacio compartido.

Dejamos un extracto de la entrevista y les invitamos a leerla completa en el siguiente enlace.

LL: How is coaching complimentary to executive search services?

PF: Bringing the aspect of coaching into any profession is an advantage, especially in recruitment. The ability to ask the right questions and be an active listener can make all the difference when bringing employer and employee together. Coaching and recruiting both involve getting to know the candidate. Understanding their character, preferences, motivations and objectives is necessary to assist them in the exploration of new life scenarios both professionally and personally.

In my role as a coach, I interview clients, asking them a series of questions to provoke further self-discovery and knowledge. This helps them to clearly identify how they want to see their career evolve and what steps they need to take. In the headhunting role, the questioning process is geared towards assessing whether a client has the skills and attitude that match the law firm’s culture and needs.

LL: What type of coaching do you offer law firms?

PF: As I am a former lawyer, I have a deep knowledge and understanding of both lawyers and the legal sector. I am familiar with the environment, the peculiarities, the culture, and the demands. My professional career path has been in the Spanish legal sector, where I have seen the evolution of Spanish firms and the influence of the international firms. This has given me a great advantage in assisting firms with their strategy and search for talent. I have worked with countless lawyers helping them to build their teams as well as their performance skills, including attracting and retaining talent, effective decision making, managing conflict, and leadership training.